Tomcat rat-killer uses new virus to infect more than 4,000 pet owners

Tomcat, the pet-loving cat company, is using a new virus that it says is able to infect pets in as little as two weeks.

The virus, dubbed a “tomcat killer,” is being released for the first time this month, according to a report by Bloomberg.

The pet-killing company is one of the few to be targeted by a major outbreak of a pandemic-related virus that has been traced to China, though it has not been specifically linked to that nation.

Tomcat released the virus on Thursday.

Tomcats owner and pet care guru Jim Schoenbaum told Bloomberg that he is not sure how many people have tested positive for the virus.

TomCat says the virus is different from other pandemic virus strains.

The company released a statement saying it does not know how many Tomcats are infected with the virus or how long it will take to infect them.

It added that the virus has been found in several countries around the world.

The Tomcat killer was first described in February, when a new strain was discovered by researchers from Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore.

The New York Times reported on the Tomcat virus, which it named the “tamarin,” on Tuesday.

TomCats new virus is the first pandemic coronavirus-related infection that has affected humans.

The disease is spread through direct contact with infected saliva, urine, feces or vomit.

Tom cat owners who are not using a filter, or are not on anti-bacterial soap, are especially at risk of getting infected.

Tom cats, which have been domesticated in parts of the world, are known to carry a genetic mutation that gives them immunity to coronaviruses.

Tom Cat has been the target of a spate of pandemic viruses that have caused animal welfare and other problems, from a coronaviral infection in 2003 that killed hundreds in India, to a coronivirus infection in 2012 that killed more than 40 people in Italy.

The US has had one pandemic in which it had more than 1,000 confirmed cases, and the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said in May that the pandemic is likely to kill another 100 million people this year. Bloomberg


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