U.S. government backs down on ‘unfair’ search for terrorists

A U.N. panel said Monday it has backed down on its request to launch an investigation into the U.K. government’s use of a so-called “blacklisting” tool to identify and arrest suspected terrorists.

U.S.-based human rights group Reprieve said Monday that it had withdrawn the request for an independent, independent investigation, citing “ongoing international pressure on the U,K.

to respect human rights and the rule of law.”

It said the government had failed to provide a clear explanation for the use of the blacklisting tool, which has been used to detain suspects for more than a year.

The U.J. has not yet said when it would make a public statement about the blacklist.

“The government has failed to demonstrate that it is genuinely committed to upholding human rights by taking any action that would prevent its use against anyone,” said Reprieve executive director Andrew Adonis.

The U.UK.

Home Office declined to comment on the request.

Last year, Reprieve issued a report alleging that the U-K.

Government Communications Headquarters used the blacklist to target suspected terrorists without due process and without the need for a judicial warrant.

In its request for the review, Reprisor said that the government was using the tool “without due process, without due accountability or in a way that does not unfairly target individuals on the basis of their alleged affiliation with terrorist groups.”

“This was a decision to ignore the need to secure the rule-of-law, to ignore any consideration of the protection of individual rights and freedoms, and to ignore concerns raised by the international community and the United Nations,” said Amal Clooney, one of the report’s authors and the Ujwal Gandhi Human Rights Clinic, in a statement.


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