Which poisons kill more people than flu and which kill more?

Download article Tomcat bars and Tomcat poison block are two of the most popular poison blocks for cats, but are often incorrectly labelled as flu and bar.

But these are not true, according to the British Veterinary Association (BVA).

In fact, they’re actually quite harmless, as they contain a small amount of the flu virus and have a good track record of killing cats.

Tomcat bar and tomcat poison can be safely used for cats.

They don’t contain the flu, and do not block your cat’s breathing.

The BVA also warns that cats can take other poison such as barbiturates, aspirin and acetaminophen, which can cause a condition called neurotoxicity.

Read more about poisons.

Tomcats in your home Cat owners can protect themselves by putting out the cats’ waste in a closed bin or by having the bins sealed.

You can also keep the bins cleaned with bleach or detergent and use a litter box to prevent the cats from getting into other cats’ litter.

The bin can also be a good place to store your cat, or if you don’t want to keep the cat in the bin, put him in a small bag.

The most important thing to remember about putting the bins in is that they should be kept away from other cats, so they’re not feeding on the rubbish.

Read the BVA’s advice about where to store the bin.

The best place to put the bins is in a quiet area where your cat won’t be able to get up and get at the waste.

They can be kept in a dry, dark place, but they can also lie on a rug or in a corner.

Some cats will eat the waste, so put it away in a cupboard.

Read about keeping cats’ rubbish away from people.


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