NRA urges Tomcat owners to get guns after Tomcat security breach

Tomcat was the first to offer a gun to the public and the gun maker was one of the first big names to call it a day after the company’s security breach last month exposed more than 100 million credit card and other data.

The company is also trying to regain some of the public’s trust, which was lost with the breach of its systems and systems that keep information private.

Tomcat, founded by retired U.S. Marine Corps Major Gen. Robert B. “Tom” Cloonan, has seen its stock rise more than 10% in the past year.

Its shares are up nearly 80% since its IPO in 2011.

The firearms maker has long marketed its products with a heavy military and military-themed tag line.

The brand was featured on a series of movies including “Black Panther,” and the company has also built a brand that includes the military’s Blackhawk helicopter and the Air Force’s Blackbird fighter jet.

The company has been trying to reclaim some of that trust with a marketing campaign that includes a new gun in the series “Tomcat” and a new military-inspired gun in “Black Tiger,” the company said on Monday.

It’s not clear when Tomcat will unveil the new guns.

The firearms company said its guns have been tested and certified to work with Tomcat’s fire control system, which is used in military aircraft and on some of its aircraft, and with Tomcats internal systems that can operate in extreme conditions and at speeds up to 60 mph.

The weapons have also been certified by the Federal Aviation Administration and the International Civil Aviation Organization, which are responsible for regulating commercial aviation, according to the company.

The guns are also designed to work in Tomcat flight simulators, the company wrote on its website.

The Tomcat guns have a magazine capacity of about 15 rounds, which makes them ideal for military training, the guns say.

They are designed to be carried on the hips, side or back, and can be easily modified to add sights and other attachments, the gun company said.

The guns are compatible with the Tomcat M-16 assault rifle, which Tomcat said will be the primary weapon for training.

The weapons are also capable of firing a large amount of ammunition, the site said.

Tomcats new weapons come amid an overall security scare that has seen the number of data breaches skyrocket.

Last month, the Department of Homeland Security announced it was investigating the breach at the company, after finding that the breach exposed millions of data.

That data included passwords, customer names, credit card numbers, birth dates, email addresses and more.

TomCat is trying to get back on its feet, as the company announced plans to close more than 50 factories and lay off employees, including its top executives.

The shutdowns come as the U.K.-based company’s stock has fallen nearly 40% over the past two years.


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