When you want to put a mouse trap in your cat’s nest, there’s a tomcat Java mouse trap you can use, says TechCrunch

When you’re planning to put your cat on a new toy or treat, there might be a better option to make a cat feel good about its new life.

There’s a mouse-trap out there, and it’s called the tomcat java mouse trap.

You’ll need a cat to have a chance of using it, and you need a mouse that you can catch and release.

The tomcat has two ways of catching mice: by jumping on top of them and grabbing them with its beak.

But the first method can be tricky to get right, so it’s probably best to use the other.

Tomcat mice are about as big as you’d expect a cat with a human hand to be, and there are plenty of ways to keep them from escaping, even in your own home.

The main thing to remember is that tomcats will only eat mice that they’ve caught and released, so the best strategy is to let your cat go after you.

The downside to using the tomcats in your home is that they can’t be released to other cats.


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