What’s in your cat’s new toy?

A cat named Tomcat and his friends have a lot of fun with their new toy: a toy designed to mimic a “futuristic cat suit.”

Tomcat and the others are building a replica of a “Futurama” episode called “The End of Time,” which was a show about the near-death experience of Tomcat, the titular cat.

The toys is made from a combination of latex, metal, and plastic and comes with an elastic band, as well as a button that the cat can pull to access the toys function.

Tomcat has created a lot more fun with his new toy than his regular cat would ever think.

“You’ll have to wait and see what’s in store for him,” Tomcat wrote on Instagram, adding that he will have to be “very patient” to “get the whole thing in his mouth.”

“I’m so excited to finally be able to wear this suit in the real world.

It’s going to be a dream come true for everyone that loves a good joke.”

The suit has two buttons, but Tomcat said he can’t wait to use the one that says “Ave.”

“It’s a bit like a ‘what if’ question,” he added.

“I think I’ll do the whole ‘what does this mean?’ thing.”

The toy was designed by Tomcat’s girlfriend, Amanda, and has been made for about a year.

They have already created a few of their own versions of the toy, including a version that has the characters from the show, such as the Doctor, in a red and yellow striped outfit, as opposed to a yellow one.

Tomcats girlfriend Amanda said she made the suit out of a few different materials, but was inspired by the sci-fi series Futurama.

“We love Futuramas, and Tomcat himself even said he wanted to wear a Futuramama outfit when he was a kid,” Amanda told Vice.

“This suit is a homage to him, so he decided to make it out of latex and plastic.”

The new toy will come with two removable pockets that can hold a toy, a keychain, a camera, and other things.

“It will take all of the elements we love from Tomcat into the new toy, and bring them together into one amazing piece,” Amanda said.

“Tomcat likes to play, so it’s perfect for his friends and cats to play with.

It will be an amazing toy for them to play and watch, too.”


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