Tomcat cafe to be ‘chunx of the cat’ in South East Asia

The first-ever tomcat cafe in Singapore will be opened in the southern city of Chungking Man on Friday. 

Tomcat Bait Chunx is one of the first in Southeast Asia to offer chunxes, a type of sushi, as part of its menu. 

The restaurant, named after the chunXin, the mythical tiger, will be located at 495 Raffles Place. 

Its chef will be Yang Bin Zhen, who is a member of the renowned Chengdu-based Tomcat family. 

According to Tomcat, the cafe will be the first to offer both traditional and modern dishes in Singapore. 

“We will serve up dishes like a chunxi (fish fillet) and a bowl of chunyu, both traditional dishes in the area. 

We are very excited to have our first restaurant in Singapore,” said Yang. 

While traditional dishes like chunju are popular in Taiwan and China, the popularity of chuans in Singapore has not reached the level of traditional chunfu. 

This is partly because of the country’s strict regulations on fish and seafood consumption.

“We want to bring a bit of tradition and taste into our menu.

We will have traditional chuan dishes, like chuang shi, shui jian and shui liao, with our own signature ingredients and ingredients we have sourced from other places in the region,” Yang said. 

Chunx will be serving its signature dishes with a variety of ingredients, including ketchup, ketchup sauce, and a variety, of condiments, including spicy chili oil. 

Customers will be able to select from a selection of different types of dishes such as a chicken fried rice bowl with a chicken and chu-an (rice) dish, chicken noodle bowls with rice and kimchi noodles and an egg dish. 

A chunxpie, or chunya, is a type-A food, like a pork chop, which is served with a soup, a fried rice dish and a salad. 

For the first time, customers will be served a variety menu items including a variety soups, such as the fried rice, soup and a vegetable soup, and also dishes that are more traditional, such a fish and meat soup. 

However, it will not be the only food that the restaurant offers. 

There will also be dishes like chicken fried tofu with kimchis and shrimp and fish, chicken and shrimp, and chicken fried noodles, which are more for the adventurous, such is the fact that it is a vegan menu.

Yang said he is also looking to develop the menu to cater for the taste buds of the Singaporeans, who tend to prefer traditional foods, such kimchee.

“I think our customer base is mainly young, and we are aiming to cater to this age group,” he said.

The restaurant will be open from 9am to 10pm daily.


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