What you need to know about Tomcat, the security company that stores your credit card details in a virtual database

Posted December 06, 2018 06:17:00 A security company called Tomcat has been collecting data about your credit cards and bank accounts for more than a decade.

The company is now the subject of a new investigation by the US Government.

The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) has launched an investigation into whether Tomcat violated a Federal Trade Administration (FTA) law that prohibits companies from engaging in unfair practices.

The FTC is probing whether Tomcats practices are in violation of the Federal Trade Act, the Privacy Act and the Fair Credit Reporting Act.

Tomcat says it has been using a secure data storage system, called TomCat Secure, to store credit card information since 2009.

The site collects credit card and bank account information for customers who log in using their bank account details, bank account numbers and passwords, and for others who log into the site using their personal information, including email addresses and other login details.

The service collects credit and debit card numbers and account information from credit card applications and payments.

TomCat Secure says it uses an algorithm to make a determination about a customer’s identity and allows the user to log in without giving the company access to any personally identifiable information.

The website says the company has no ties to any criminal organisation.

Tomcats privacy policy says it collects data from users’ bank account “when necessary for the purposes of ensuring compliance with the terms of use and providing a user with a secure and reliable payment experience”.

In a statement, Tomcat said it had “no links” to any third parties and has “never sold or offered for sale, offered for use or sold any of our products”.

The FTC launched its investigation into the company in March, saying it had concerns that Tomcat’s security practices violated federal law.

Tom Cats latest privacy statement reads: “Tomcat Secure uses encryption technology that prevents unauthorized parties from accessing or reading the information held in the Tomcat Secure database.

Tomcat does not share user information, and we do not share the user information with third parties. “

“Tomcat uses a secure encryption technology to encrypt information stored in the database.

Tomcat does not share user information, and we do not share the user information with third parties.

“The data stored in Tomcat is used to make credit and bank payment processing more efficient.”

The Privacy Act, which requires consumers to provide notice of any personal information collection, requires the consumer to give up the right to access the information and to sue the person or organisation collecting the data.

“Fraudulently obtained credit card or bank account data can be used to impersonate other customers and charge other people money for unauthorized purchases.”

A Tomcat spokesperson said the company did not have a specific answer for why the company had been named in the FTC investigation.

Tomcat said in a statement that it has complied with the law since 2009 and has not been targeted in any way.””

We have not received any formal inquiries regarding the FTC’s investigation, nor have we received any information that the FTC has made any findings about any of the issues raised in the complaint.”

Tomcat said in a statement that it has complied with the law since 2009 and has not been targeted in any way.

“While Tomcat uses encryption to protect customers from fraud and identity theft, we have always taken steps to ensure that customers can use the Tomcats Secure service without being targeted by identity thieves.”

Tomcats Secure is used by more than 1.3 billion customers worldwide.


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