How to upgrade to the new JBoss VS Tomcat server, server side vs client-side

Tomcat is an open source Java development framework that offers high availability, security, and a wide range of tools for development and production.

Tomcat offers a full suite of tools including JBoss CI and Jenkins, as well as a suite of extensions to the core framework that add support for various tools, from JBoss EE and Java EE 8, to MongoDB and SQL Server.

We recently wrote about how Tomcat can be used to automate development of a web application using an existing development environment, but JBoss has recently announced the introduction of its own Tomcat Enterprise Server, which supports the JBoss IDE.

To get started with Tomcat, we’ll take a look at how to upgrade from the existing JBoss version to the latest JBoss.1.

Configure your JBoss installation1.

Download and install JBoss from

Download the Tomcat extension.3.

Install Tomcat in the JAXB environment.4.

Start the Tomcats application by clicking Start.5.

On the left hand side, select “Add a Web Application”.6.

On your first page, click on “Install JBoss” to add the TomCat extension to your application.7.

Select “New” from the context menu.8.

Under the “JBoss” section, select the extension and click “Next”.9.

On “Install” and “Next”, follow the prompts.10.

On JAXBC, select your JAXC or Web Application Gateway.11.

On an “Optional” list, select a “Web Application Gateway” to be used for your application and click Next.12.

Under “Web Applications”, click on the “Tomcat” button.13.

On a “Add” page, select an “Add-on” that you would like to use to add Tomcat to your project.14.

Click “Next” to continue.15.

On one of the “Options” pages, select and click the “Add New” button to add an extension.16.

Under a “Extension” heading, select Tomcat from the list.17.

On each of the next pages, click “OK” to confirm the changes.


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