When you’re caught in a sticky trap, tomcats and kittens are your best friends

In the wild, tomcat and kitty are a perfect partner, a trusted companion, and a reliable source of food and water.

But in captivity, tom cats and kittens suffer from a serious problem that could make them even more dangerous.

The most common is called “berettas” or “battery-induced stress disorder.”

Berettes are a disease in which kittens are given an unusually high amount of food, but then become lethargic and dehydrated, and lose their appetite.

The result is that they may not eat for two to four weeks.

“This causes an acute nutritional crisis, which makes them extremely vulnerable to other stressors that are likely to occur, such as social withdrawal and food deprivation,” says Dr. Thomas Lohman, a veterinarian at the University of Washington.

Lohman and his colleagues have developed an anti-bereta medication that they hope will help treat the kitties, but it’s a big step toward a more permanent solution.

“We’re trying to develop a treatment that would work in humans,” Lohmann says.

“They can’t be controlled and there is no cure.

If it does work, it could be lifesaving.”

Lohmann and his team have been developing the drug for several years, and they’ve been testing it on more than 20 cats and a few kittens.

It’s a powerful, painless, and inexpensive drug, which Lohmans team calls “tomcat anti-B.I.D.”

“We want to make sure the cat is not in any danger, and then we want to see if it’s safe for the animal to be given this drug,” he says.

The team has tested a range of drugs in mice and rats, and the new drug works well.

Lohmania says they’ve tested it on three cats, two kittens, and one cat with a kidney infection.

“The animals were healthy and in good health and they all were tested positive,” Loughman says.

“They did not develop any signs of kidney infection or toxicity, and all of them were in good condition.”

The team is currently working on a human trial, and Lohmans hopes it will be completed by the end of the year.

It would be one of the first drugs for treating tomcats in humans.

“If we could find a drug that was safe and that would be effective and work in human patients, we’d be very happy,” LOHMAN says.

A little bit of tomcat loveTomcat anti: A treatment for tomcatsSource: Lohama Laboratory/University of WashingtonThis is just one of a number of drugs that have been tested on cats, but this drug is unique in that it’s not a “drug for humans,” says Lohma.

Instead, it’s designed to treat tomcats with the help of their natural prey: other cats.

Tomcat’s natural prey is not cats, so Lohmand says that it can be hard to find.

LOHMA says they tried many other cats that were “safe, but they weren’t cats, either.”

“There are several reasons for that,” Luhman says, including the fact that tomcats don’t have any sense of smell.

“It’s hard to determine exactly how the cats smell,” he adds.

“But there is a theory that they smell the food.

If they smell a cat, they would be a lot more likely to get food.

But if they smell something that is not food, it can go undetected.”

But Lohmas team believes that tomcat smell could be an important factor in tomcat health.

Tomcats’ natural prey includes cats and dogs.

It could be hard for other cats to identify them, so tomcats may be more likely than other cats, as their prey, to leave the house.

The treatment also could help treat other stress related diseases, such chronic pain, epilepsy, and Parkinson’s disease.

“Tomcats are probably the easiest to manage because they have no history of disease, so there’s no need to get into any medical protocols,” Lohan says.


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