Why the tomcat might be the most popular rodent in the world

A rat with the nickname tomcat has a reputation for being a menace.

And now a new rodent with that name is making headlines.

The tomcat is an Australian rodent that breeds primarily in the tropics, where it can grow to nearly 3 feet long and weigh more than 1,200 pounds.

Its popularity has risen to the point that a company named TOMcat is offering a “Tomcat Detector” to help prevent it from coming into the United States.

The device is meant to detect tomcats in a home and sends a live video feed to a smartphone app.

The video will then show up in a smartphone’s app, where the app can see if the tomcats are nearby or not.

TOMcat says it has tested its device in more than 600 households in the United Kingdom, the United Arab Emirates, the Dominican Republic, and Peru, and found no significant impact on the tomcases.

Tomcat says that it has had more than 200,000 visits to the Tomcat Detectors app, and has received more than 4,000 inquiries about its product.

Tomcats are native to Australia, but they are not the only rodent that has made the headlines.

In 2016, scientists found that there are over 2,300 species of bats, which are often mistaken for rats.

The bats can also be mistaken for rodents, and in one instance, a bat was even mistaken for a rat.

Scientists also said that the rodents were commonly mistaken for other rodents.

For instance, the New Zealand government said that rats could be mistaken as bats, while researchers from the University of New South Wales said that rat-like rodents can be mistaken with rats.

Tomatons, though, have a very different reputation, according to the TOMcat team.

The Tomcat team says that they only tested the device in homes where rats or bats were present, so the rat or bat they were testing would not have been an immediate threat.

In addition, the tom cat is known to bite and injure people, so it is likely to be a good choice for people living in close quarters.

TomCat says that the TomCat Detector is not meant to be used to identify rat- or bat-infested homes, but to detect rats and bats that have moved into the home.

The TOMcat Detection is being tested in homes in New South Welsh, New Zealand.

TOMcats are not a common rodent in North America, but there have been sightings.

Last year, a woman in Colorado was hospitalized after a tomcat bit her in the face and nose, causing a black eye.


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